Train Varieties

Distinctive and sophisticated, JR Kyushu trains are full of character and unique features.

Here, we will introduce three types of trains with different features.

Design & Story Trains
(Sightseeing Trains)

JR Kyushu trains are full of character. Noted for their distinctive and sophisticated exteriors and interiors, they are packed with unique features which allow passengers to enjoy Kyushu's breathtaking landscape and passing scenery. Riding Design & Story Trains (sightseeing trains) brings out the best of Kyushu and is an unforgettable experience in itself.

Bento box lunch reservation service

On the D & S trains of JR Kyushu, a variety of bento box lunches and snacks are sold on the train. Please note that some of the items need to be reserved in advance, before boarding the train.

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(Bullet Train)

The Kyushu Shinkansen not only reduces travel time around the Kyushu area to stimulate interaction between people as well as economic and cultural exchange - it plays a key role as the pipeline for business and tourism that connects Kyushu with the Kansai and Sanyo areas.

Other Limited Express

The railways operated by JR Kyushu are not just a means of transportation - they connect the cities of Kyushu. Full of personality, simply riding one makes for a fascinating experience in itself. Whether it be a relaxing trip or one that is just for fun, these trains will take you on tranquil journeys through the breathtaking landscapes and nature that make up Kyushu.


This PDF includes the timetables for regular services of trains operated by Kyushu Railway Company.

*JR Kyushu Rail Pass can’t be used on the Shinkansen between Hakata Sta. and Shin-Osaka Sta.

Purchase a Rail Pass

You can purchase JR Kyushu Rail Passes and reserve seats on popular Kyushu trains.

One-way and
round-trip tickets

Purchase one-way and round-trip tickets, reserved seats, and early discount tickets from the JR-KYUSHU Train Reservation page.

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