Limited Express

Nichinan Line's resort express will enable you to enjoy the rich natural surroundings of Miyazaki, the land of myth

This is a popular sightseeing train where you can enjoy the beauty of Miyazaki's coast and mountains. Coastal views quickly change into deep-green mountains. As the name of the train suggests, you can enjoy a wide variety of views from the window of this train. Local obisugi (cedar) wood is used for both the interior and exterior of the train and creates the ambience of a resort

Cabin interior

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Sofa seat

One of the best parts of a train journey is that you can enjoy more personal space while traveling. Sofa seats are available in both Umisachi and Yamasachi cars. Spend some relaxing time in conversation with your fellow travelers

Reclining seat

All reclining seats require a reservation. Sit back and enjoy views of the southern countryside.

Customer Service Counter

Adjacent to the sofa seating area in the Yamasachi car, a Customer Service Counter is available to serve you. Miyazaki' s traditional local toys and other object made of obisugi cedar are displayed here. The space is lined with the beautiful grain of obisugicedar which creates a warm atmosphere


Watch the train running
through the land of Kyushu!

The interior of Kyushu Shinkansen and D&S Train will be covered on Google Street View.


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A view of Devil’s Washboard from the train window
Between Aoshima Island and Kinchaku Island to the south, you will see a 8km-long beach with wave-like rocks called the “Devil’s Washboard.” The coastal soil has been washed by ocean wave for such a long period of time that only the layers of the hard sandstone bed remain. They resemble a giant washboard beach and people are able walk on it when the tide is low.
On-board picture story show
Cabin attendants will provide a picture story board on the "Umisachi-Yamasachi Legend."
Commemorative ticket
All passengers will receive this ticket. It is also has space for a stamp that will help you memorialize your trip.

On-board souvenirs/bento lunch boxes

(Left) Mobile Phone Strap
840 yen(tax included)
(Right) Pin Badge
530 yen(tax included)
Miyazaki Craft Mango
This freshly tasting Mango Cider is made with mango juice grown in Miyazaki. The sweet, tropical taste of mango is mixed with soda to create the refreshing taste.
270 yen(tax included)
Craft Beer
(Taiyo-no Lager)
It's the gold award winner in two large national craft beer contests. Mineral-rich natural water, which is a nutrient essential to beer yeast, is used.
710 yen(tax included)
Shochu "Umisachi-Yamasachi
Mix of white and black Koji seeds are used to create the mild and mystic flavor.
320 yen(tax included)
Cheese Manju
Miyazaki's famous Manju cake, "Cheese Manju" produced by the long-established cake shop, "Shinseido". Soft texture of dough and rich flavored cheese filling can be enjoyed.
160 yen(tax included)
*There are some cases that the on-board sales is not open even if the train is operating on. Please be understanding in advance.


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Obi Castle Remains
Obi Castle was said to be built during the period when China was divided between the Northern and Southern Dynasties. The front castle gate was restored in 1978 and is the only remaining building. This place is also known as a great cherry blossom viewing spot in spring.
Subtropical Crop Research Institute / Botanical Garden
This is a subtropical botanical garden is located adjacent to the “Michinoeki Nango” roadside station. You will be able to see a wide variety of rare flowers and fruits in a huge glass-covered greenhouse.
Gallery Kodama
Enjoy a relaxing time at this gallery building, a restored merchant house from the Meiji period.
Char-broiled Pole-and-line-caught Nichinan Skipjack
Nichinan has the highest yield of skipjack caught by pole-and-line method. This dish has become very popular locally since it was first introduced in May 2010, and is now attracting visitors from all around Japan. Skipjack tuna is normally consumed raw or lightly roasted. Char-broiled is a totally new way. Enjoy the special dish that you can find only here in Nichinan area.


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Stops & Timetable

1 or 2 round trip a day

As of March 2021

Click here for timetable.(2021.3.13~2022.2.28)

Click here for connection information. *Timetables may remain valid for only a few months.

All Limited Express "Umisachi-Yamasachi" in operation    

Operation only Limited Express "Umisachi-Yamasachi" No. 1, 4.

 *Operation schedule after July 2021 is not decided. It will be announced as soon as decided.

Train Configuration

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