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Nishi Kyushu Shinkansen KAMOME

The Nishi-Kyushu Shinkansen will begin service in fall 2022!

The Nishi-Kyushu Shinkansen will begin service in fall 2022!

The “Kamome” began operating as a limited express train bound for Nagasaki in October 1961 and has remained popular for at least the past 60 years. Please look forward to seeing yet another leap forward for the “Kamome” as the Nishi-Kyushu Shinkansen.

Cabin interior

Intro Movie

Intro Movie




Station List and Time Table

About Transfers from Limited Express Trains

Transfer to a Limited express train that arrives the opposite of the same platform at Takeo-onsen Station.
(Please purchase a Shinkansen/Limited express ticket covering your traveling distance in advance of boarding.)

*If you are traveling to Nagasaki, please make a transit from Limited express to Nishi Kyushu Shinkansen at Takeo Onsen Station.

*If you transfer to the ""Nishi Kyushu Shinkansen KAMOME"" without exiting the ticket gate on the day of boarding, a single ticket will be issued. In this case, your reservations for the continual reserved seats (free) with the JR Kyushu Rail Pass will be counted together as one.

*""Relay KAMOME"" and ""Nishi Kyushu Shinkansen KAMOME"" are not covered by the JR KYUSHU RAIL PASS Online Booking service. If you are a JR Kyushu Rail Pass holder and would like to reserve a seat, please contact us to inquire at the ticket counter in a JR station after your arrival in Japan. (If you would like a non-reserved seat, you can ride with the JR Kyushu Rail Pass alone.)

Train Configuration

Smoking is prohibited on this train.

  • R Reserved
  • N Non-reserved
  • Car number

・According to the date,train configuration will be changed.

On-board sales/Green Car services

Please be advised that on-board sales and Green Car services are not available on the “Nishi Kyushu Shinkansen KAMOME”.

Purchase a Rail Pass

You can purchase JR Kyushu Rail Passes and reserve seats on popular Kyushu trains.

One-way and
round-trip tickets

Purchase one-way and round-trip tickets, reserved seats, and early discount tickets from the JR-KYUSHU Train Reservation page.

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