Company summary

Company name Kyushu Railway Company
Date established April 1, 1987
Head office 3-25-21 Hakata-ekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka 812-8566, Japan
Capital 16 billion yen
Number of employees 8,978 (as of April 1, 2017)
Business activities 1. Passenger railway services
2. Freight railway services
3. Marine transportation services
4. Passenger vehicle transportation business
5. Travel agency business
6. Warehouse business
7. Parking business
8. Advertising business
9. Financial services
10. Information processing/distribution service
11. Non-life and other insurance business
12. Mail-order business
13. Automobile sales and maintenance business
14. Retail sales including travel goods, food and beverages, alcoholic beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care products
15. Hotel and restaurant business
16. Engineering/designing of construction, construction work/management
17. Equipment installation services
18. Lease and cleaning of movable properties, photo development reception services
19. Sale/purchase, lease, intermediation and management of real estate.
20. Manufacturing of transportation equipment
21. Manufacturing of precision and industrial machinery
22. Private after-school childcare business
23. In-home care support services in accordance with the Nursing Care Insurance Law
24. Operation of amusement parks, athletic facilities and cultural facilities
25. Production, processing and sale of agricultural products
26. Operation and management of power-generation business and sale of electricity