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Limited Express Aso Boy!

Let' s go see the Aso caldera! The train will take you there as you play with "Kuro"

The train mascot • Kuro- will welcome you. You will enjoy a spectacular view of Aso from the panorama seating at the both ends of the train. In Car-3 you will find seating for families as well as a cafe and children's playroom.

Cabin interior

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Lounge (Car-4)

This is a common area where passengers can relax on a spacious sofa or sit on a bench that faces the window so as to enjoy the view.

Panorama Section (Car-1, Car-4)

Passengers will enjoy a spectacular view of Aso through the wide front windows. The 1 x 2 seat configuration provides for spacious comfortable seating.

White "Kuro" seat

This is a unique seat for an adult and a child sitting together. The child seat is always on the window

Kuro Cafe

A variety of snacks and original goods are available for purchase while on the train. A low counter for children is also available.

Japanese-style Room

Children can play on the floor.

Wood-filled Pool

Children can play in a pool filled with wooden balls.

Book Collection

This is a collection of picture books. You can also find the original Kuro picture books.

Coach seats

Seats are covered with a colorful fabric.


Watch the train running
through the land of Kyushu!

Photo Gallery

  • Aso Boy!

  • Daikanbo

  • Kusasenrigahama

  • KujuFlowerPark

  • Ameushi Falls

  • Kamishikimi kumanoza Shrine
  • Special website

    The interior of Kyushu Shinkansen and D&S Train will be covered on Google Street View.


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    A cabin attendant and young passengers
    A cabin attendant is always by the Wood-filled Pool to watch and play with children.
    A view from the Panorama Section
    In addition to views of Aso, if you are interested in seeing the switchbacks from Seta to Tateno and Akamizu, a panorama seat is perfect.
    Memory Card
    All passengers will receive this card. It is also has space for a stamp that will help you memorialize your trip.

    The train is decorated with Kuro illustrations both inside and outside. There is Kuro in 101 different poses on the exterior of the train.

    On-board souvenirs/bento-boxes

    Clear File
    270 yen (tax included)
    Button Badge
    370 yen (tax included)
    Towel Handkerchief
    430 yen (tax included)
    Kuro-chan Strap
    580 yen (tax included)
    Kids Custard Pudding
    Available only on Aso Boy! trains. Being made with plenty of eggs and Jersey milk from Aso, it has a mild flavor.
    330 yen (tax included)
    Adult Custard Pudding
    Flavored with rum, the adult-like aroma spreads softly inside the mouth at the moment when you take a bite.
    330 yen (tax included)
    Aso Oguni Jersey Ice Cream
    Two choices are available: rich ice cream made with Jersey milk from Aso or limited-time ice cream.
    340 yen (tax included)

    *There are some cases that the on-board sales is not open even if the train is operating on. Please be understanding in advance.


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    Nakadake Volcanic Vent
    This is one of the must-see sites in Aso. Feel the power of the earth. Nakadake is fully active volcanic vent. You can get close to the smoking vent. A tour with an experienced and knowledgeable guide is recommended.
    *The volcanic vent area may not be accessible depending on volcanic activity alert level and weather.
    Aso Torimiya
    “Baroquette” is a croquette made with a salty-sweet horsemeat center.
    Stationmaster Kuro’s Office
    Kuro welcomes you at the Aso Station. Feel free to come in the office. Kuro’s panel is available here for photos.


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    Stops & Timetable

    2 round trips a day

    As of August 2020

    Click here for timetable.(2020.3.14~2021.2.28)

    Click here for connection information. *Timetables may remain valid for only a few months.

    The Limited Express “Aso Boy!” in operation

    * On days that the "Aso Boy!" does not operate, the "Kyushu Odan Tokkyu" will operate on the same timetable.

    Train Configuration

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