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Please refer to this section for information regarding how to change or refund tickets. Look below to learn more about JR Kyushu Rail Pass and discount tickets available only with reservation.

Click here for a user guide for those who purchased tickets online.

Changing Tickets

How to change a ticket.

*Discount Tickets are handled in different manner. Please contact station staff for details.

Before Using Your Ticket

  • If you haven’t started using your ticket and it is still valid, you can change your ticket one time to a ticket of the same type at no charge. If there is a difference in ticket type, you will be charged/refunded the difference.
  • If you want to change your ticket, please visit a ticketing office (midori-no-madoguchi) at a JR station during regular business hours.
  • If you need to change your ticket a second time, please refund the ticket and purchase a new ticket at a JR station.
  • Reserved Seat tickets may be changed only before the departure of the designated train. Please note that a Reserved Seat ticket becomes invalid once the train has left the departure station.

After Starting to Use Your Ticket

  • If you wish to change a ticket after you have started using it, the difference in price between the original ticket and the new ticket will be assessed. If the purchase price of the new ticket is less than the original ticket, the difference will NOT be refunded. However, if the valid remaining portion of your base fare ticket exceeds 100km (actual JR service distance), you may be entitled to a refund.

If You Miss Your Train

  • Reserved Seat tickets and Green Car tickets become invalid and nonrefundable once the designated train departs.
  • If you have a reserved seat on an express train you have missed, you can still use your ticket for non-reserved seating on a train departing the same day as your original ticket. If you need to repurchase a new reserved seat ticket, an express charge along with a reserved seat charge will apply.
Only those who purchased on Train Reservation can change tickets here.

Refunding Tickets

How to request a refund.

Tickets may be refunded at the ticketing office where you made your purchase.

*Discount tickets are refunded in different ways depending on the ticket type. Please contact the station staff for details.

Before Your Trip Starts

Base fare ticket

Express non-reserved seat ticket

Period Handling
Ticket is still valid and travel has not yet commenced JPY 220

Reserved seat ticket

Express reserved seat ticket

Green car (first-class car) ticket

Period Handling
Until 2 days prior to departure date of the designated train JPY 340
From the previous day to the time of departure of the designated train 30%
(minimum JPY 340)
  • *For a refund for Reserved Seat ticket combined with an Express or Green Car (first-class car) Ticket, you will only incur a handling charge for the Green Car (first-class car) Ticket.
  • *Refund of a Reserved Seat Ticket that was changed on the day or the day previous to departure is subject to a 30% refund handling charge.
Check here to learn more about the JR KYUSHU RAIL PASS

After Your Trip Starts

Base fare ticket

Once the trip starts, if the valid remaining portion exceeds 100km (actual JR service distance), you may be entitled to a refund. The amount of refund will be the value of the Ticket minus the distance that has already been used minus a 220 yen refund handling charge.

In Case of Delay or Cancellation of Operation

Cancellation of Operation

If you need to call off your trip due to the cancellation of a train, the train fare and all other fees will be refunded. If you need to cancel the remaining portion of your trip after you have departed, the remaining portion of train fare, including express fare and other charges, shall be refunded.

Delay of Operation

If an express train is delayed for 2 or more hours, the express fare shall be refunded.

*The refund only applies for express fare. There is no refund for base fare.

Only those who purchased on Train Rservation can refund here
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