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Train Fares

JR Kyushu offers a range of train fares including adult, child and infant.


Adult 12 years and older
Child Between 6 and 11 years old
Between 1 and 5 years old
Infant 0



  • Regular fare


  • Base fare and express ticket prices are half the adult fare.
  • Green Car (first-class car) tickets prices are the same as for an adult.

Toddler (Pre-school) / Infant

  • Free
    However, a "child" fare will apply in the following circumstances:
    1. (1) An adult or child is accompanied by more than two toddlers.
      (A child fare is applied to the third and any additional toddlers.)
    2. (2) A toddler or an infant requires a reserved seat or a Green Car seat.
    3. (3) A toddler travels alone.