Train Reservation

JR-KYUSHU Train Reservation is a service that allows you to book tickets for JR Kyushu and JR-West. Recommended for customers who want to find or book one-way or round-trip tickets.

One-way and
round-trip tickets

Booking on PC or
Mobile Phone

  • Reservations can be made between the following times:05:30-23:00(JST)
  • Reservations open: From 10:00 a.m. 1 month prior to the date of departure (reservations can be made up to 6 minutes before departure.)
  • Number of seats that can be reserved at a time: up to 7
  • Payment method: Credit card (online)

Picking Up Your Ticket

Where to Collect Your Ticket

You can collect your ticket at the ticketing office or automated ticketing machine at JR-KYUSHU stations.

What you need to collect your ticket

  • The credit card used for the payment when making the reservation
  • Reservation No. (5-digit number starting with “6” you will have received on completion of the reservation)
  • Identification No.(A 4-digit number that can be used to pick up your ticket.)

Please allow extra time to reach the train platform when collecting tickets at the departure station as wait times at the Ticketing Office may vary.

Receipt of tickets


JR-KYUSHU Train Reservation only handles regular price tickets.

Reservation Changes

Limited to services that depart within three months of the date of your initial purchase (if no corresponding date exists in that month, then this will be applicable until the last day of the month) and that depart on a date within one month of the initial date of departure.

(Example) If you booked a seat on a train departing on January 15 on January 1, you can change your booking as many times as you like up to and including services departing on March 31. However, if your booking is for January 15, the latest you can change your booking to is 1 month later, February 15.

A Refund fee may be required to change your reservation.

  • *Please note that there are restrictions to reservation changes after tickets have been collected or the specified service has departed.
  • *Ticket purchases (payment) will be finalized when the Reservation Complete screen is displayed and an e-mail notifying the completion of the reservation has been sent by us. With this, the reservation will be established (contract concluded).
    When making changes to a ticket for which the reservation has been established, a new credit card payment will be effected, and the previous payment will be reimbursed to the customer without fee via the credit card company.
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