JR Kyushu Group Social Media Terms of Use

  1. JR Kyushu Group’s view on social media
  2.  Although social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LINE and other media on which information can be transmitted and intercommunicated) administered by Kyushu Railway Company and its subsidiaries (collectively, “JR Kyushu Group”) may be participated by its employees to share information, it should be noted that these are not official transmission of information as JR Kyushu Group. Please also note that we are unable to respond to any inquiries made by messaging on social media. For inquiry, fill out the inquiry form provided on the website of each company.
  1. Article 1 (Scope of Terms of Use)
  2.  These Social Media Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”) apply to all users of JR Kyushu Group social media and their associated services (“Service”) which JR Kyushu Group provides to the users of social media channels administered by JR Kyushu Group (“User”), irrespective of whether or not such User is registered. If any of the provisions of these Terms of Use conflict with the terms of use and/or policy of social media channels administered by JR Kyushu Group, the terms of use and/or policy of the applicable social media platform shall prevail.
  1. Article 2 (Matters to be Observed in Use)
  2.  1. With respect to use of the Service, User shall not engage in the act:
  3. (1) of using the Service for the purpose of making a profit (including introducing or soliciting use of other services);
  4. (2) of impersonating a third party, including JR Kyushu Group;
  5. (3) of, or of potentially identifying, disclosing or divulging a specific individual or the personal information thereof, by posting information that includes address, name, telephone number, photograph of the face or other personal information without obtaining the consent of such individual;
  6. (4) of, or of potentially defaming or discrediting JR Kyushu Group, customers of JR Kyushu Group or a third party;
  7. (5) of using in any unapproved way, irrespective of the means used, the copyright, trademark, service mark, logo, or pictorial and other images of JR Kyushu Group posted on the Service;
  8. (6) of or of potentially infringing a third party’s copyright, personality right or intellectual property rights;
  9. (7) of apparent prank or lacking linguistic sense (i.e. posting meaningless characters or repeatedly posting the same content);
  10. (8) pertaining to sales/advertisement, political or religious activities that is unrelated to the Service, or an act similar to this;
  11. (9) contrary to public order and morality;
  12. (10) that is criminal, antisocial or illegal;
  13. (11) of utilizing reprehensible technology, i.e. harmful computer virus; and
  14. (12) of interfering with the administration of the Service and which JR Kyushu Group determines to be inappropriate.
  15.  2. JR Kyushu Group reserves the right, without prior notice, to delete the information and content posted on the site by User and take other necessary measures.
  1. Article 3 (Disclaimer)
  2.  JR Kyushu Group has no liability of any kind for the following. Provided, however, that this does not apply to damages inflicted on User by reason attributable to JR Kyushu Group’s willful misconduct or gross negligence.
  3. (1) integrity, accuracy, legitimacy and usability of information provided on the Service, including those posted on the Service by User;
  4. (2) damage inflicted on User by the use or disuse of the Service;
  5. (3) loss of information provided by User’s posting on the Service; and
  6. (4) trouble or dispute arising between Users or between User and a third party in connection with the Service.
  1. Article 4 (Compensation for Damages)
  2.  1. JR Kyushu Group is entitled to claim compensation against User for any damage inflicted on JR Kyushu Group due to said User’s violation of these Terms of Use.
  3.  2. User shall indemnify and hold JR Kyushu Group harmless against all damages it inflicted on a third party in connection with the use of the Service, and shall either compensate for said damage at its sole responsibility and cost or resolve any dispute with said third party.
  1. Article 5 (Intellectual Property Rights)
  2.  1. Copyright in User’s posting on the Service (comment, photograph, video and any other information) belongs to the User who posted said work; however, by doing so, User is deemed to have granted JR Kyushu Group a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to use (i.e. to process, reproduce, extract, display) said work, and to have agreed never to assert any and all copyrights and moral rights against JR Kyushu Group.
  3.  2. User shall not reproduce, distribute, publish, or communicate to the public any information and/or content obtained through the Service for purposes other than private use within such limited extent as personal or home use. Furthermore, User shall not use the information provided on and/or content of the Service beyond the extent permitted by copyright law without authorization.
  1. Article 6 (Modification of Terms of Use)
  2.  These Terms of Use are subject to modification without obtaining the agreement of User. In such an event, the latest Terms of Use shall apply to User’s use of the Service subsequent to modification.
    Unless otherwise prescribed, the modified Terms of Use shall become valid at the time that they are released on the Service.
  1. Article 7 (Personal Information)
  2.  JR Kyushu Group will use the personal information obtained from User in accordance with the Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information prescribed by Kyushu Railway Company(https://www.jrkyushu.co.jp/privacy/index.html)as well as the Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information separately prescribed by its subsidiaries.

  1. Supplemental Provision
  2. These Terms of Use become valid on April 1, 2020.