04/2014 Information on the JR Kyushu Rail Pass has been updated.
03/2014 With the revision of the consumption tax rate starting from April 1, 2014, the price of JR tickets will change.
(The purchase price of tickets both overseas and in Japan will remain at old prices until March 31, 2014.)
08/2013 On the Hohi Main Line, normal operation between Miyaji Station and Bungo-Taketa Station was resumed on August 4, 2013.
04/2013 A Q&A page has been newly created with postings of enquiries related to JR Kyushu Rail Pass.
04/2013 JR Kyushu Rail Pass special benefits have been updated. (New additions for AMU PLAZA HAKATA and TOSU PREMIUM OUTLETS).
03/2013 Train timetables have been revised. The new schedules have been posted so take advantage of them for your trip in Kyushu.
12/10/2012 JR Kyushu Rail Pass special benefits have been updated.
08/27/2012 Expected resumption of operation on partial track sections of the Hohi Main Line and full track section of the Kyudai Main Line.
07/25/2012 Operation of Special Limited Express on the Kyudai Main Line between Beppu/Oita and Hita.
05/28/2012 On May 28, 2012, a press conference was held to announce a luxurious new sleeper train.
04/10/2012 A JR-Sanyo-Shikoku-Kyushu Rail Pass is now available.
04/01/2012 The Carrying Case for the JR Kyushu Rail Pass has been redesigned.
12/07/2011 Updated information of the trains.
12/01/2011 Sale of the Kyushu Rail Pass(Northern Kyushu Area 5-day pass) started on December1,2011.
10/08/2011 Updated information of the trains (A-TRAIN).
09/30/2011 The time table has been updated.
08/08/2011 The recommended trip plans has been updated.
08/08/2011 Updated information of the trains.


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