JR Kyushu Group Code of Ethics

 Aiming to realize the JR Kyushu Group’s vision of becoming a “corporate group that creates vitality for Kyushu, Japan, and Asia on a foundation of safety and service, “we must build stable, long-term relationships of trust with our stakeholders. To achieve this, we believe that it is essential in every aspect of our corporate activities to comply with the letter of the law in accordance with corporate ethics. We hereby formulate the JR Kyushu Group Code of Ethics as our core principles, we will strive to establish corporate ethics and ensure strict compliance with the letter of the law.
  1. Comply with laws and social norms
    We will comply with the letter and spirit of the law and act in accordance with social decency, in response to the globalization of our business activities.
  2. Provide safety and peace of mind and build trust
    We will pursue safety in all our businesses and provide products and services that our customers can use with peace of mind. We will also take to heart the feedback from our customers and respond appropriately.
  3. Create a transparent corporate culture and comfortable workplaces
    We will create a corporate culture in which all employees can respect and trust each other, and we will strive to create comfortable workplaces that give due consideration to health and safety.
  4. Engage in fair business practices
    We will engage in honest, fair, and transparent business practices with all our customers, shareholders, and vendors, and we will never commit bribery or other forms of corruption. Furthermore, we will take a resolute stand against antisocial forces and groups and vow never to associate with them.
  5. Respect human rights
    We will respect the human rights of every person and eliminate discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, social status, gender, age, disability, and other factors.
  6. Equitably disclose and appropriately manage information
    We will proactively and appropriately disclose corporate information and strive to communicate effectively with our shareholders and the general public. We will also appropriately manage all forms of information including personal information.
  7. Address environmental issues
    We will proactively pursue initiatives to address environmental issues in recognition that doing so is essential for the survival of the company and our business activities.
  8. Contribute to regional society
    We will contribute to the revitalization of the region and strive to grow together with the region.
  9. Engage in thorough risk management
    We will engage in thorough institutional risk management in order to prepare for any events or natural disasters that could threaten citizens’ lives and our corporate activities.
  10. Comply with this Code of Ethics (Practice principled management)
    Our senior management will strive to ensure compliance with this Code of Ethics within the company and our group companies, by recognizing responsibility for actualizing this Code of Ethics and complying with it to set a good example for others. Furthermore, if any violation of this Code of Ethics should occur, the senior management will assume responsibility in resolving the issue by identifying what caused it and taking measures to prevent recurrence.

JR Kyushu Group corporate Ethics Hotline

 JR Kyushu Group Corporate Ethics Hotlines have been established inside JR Kyushu and in our lawyer’s office, to handle consultations concerning corporate ethics. Each JR Kyushu Group company also has its own consultation desk concerning corporate ethics. If you suspect there is a problem related to corporate ethics that you cannot discuss with your boss or the office in charge because it would put you at a disadvantage, please contact the JR Kyushu Group Corporate Ethics Hotline or the consultation desk in your company.

JR Kyushu Group Corporate Ethics Hotline Rules

-The hotline accepts consultations from the employees of JR Kyushu, the JR Kyushu Group, and stakeholders of the JR Kyushu Group.

-The information provided by the petitioner will be kept in strict confidence. You will not be treated unfairly solely on the basis of requesting a consultation.

-The hotline also accepts anonymous consultations, but we may not be able to conduct adequate investigations in such cases.

-Cases brought to the hotline will be investigated swiftly, and if necessary, they will be sent to the JR Kyushu Group Corporate Ethics Committee for deliberation.

-The findings of investigations will be reported to the petitioners (excluding those who contacted the hotline anonymously).

-Upon receipt, consultations directed to Miura Okuda Sugihara Law Office will be investigated in detail by the company.