JR Kyushu Rail Pass FAQs

  • Q1 I would like to use a JR Kyushu Rail Pass for travel while visiting Japan. Can I make seat reservations prior to my arrival?


    Starting in August 1st, 2017, JR Kyushu Rail Pass sale and advance booking for Reserved Seats will be available on “JR Kyushu Rail Pass Online Booking”. For advance booking, there are Terms of Use.
    ■The usage applies only to those who purchase JR Kyushu Rail Pass through “JR Kyushu Rail Pass Online Booking” or at specified travel agencies.
    ■There is a charge for booking of Reserved Seats by “Online Booking”
    ■A credit card is required.
    ■Certain trains cannot be reserved.
    ■(For those who purchased a JR Kyushu Rail Pass at travel agencies) Please ask the travel agency for any inquiry referring to whether you can use the advance booking for Reserved Seats.
    Please check here for details.

    In case you cannot use "JR Kyushu Rail Pass Online Booking", please purchase/exchange the JR Kyushu Rail Pass at JR Kyushu stations. After that, please book the Reserved Seat at the counter.

    [Holiday seasons in Japan (Seats may sell out quickly during the following high travel times.)]
    April 29 through May 6 / August 13 through 16 / December 26 through January 3
    Please note that seats may sell out quickly on other days and weekends.

    [Stations at which JR Kyushu Rail Pass can be purchased/exchanged]

  • Q2 Are there any additional charges when reserving a seat on limited express trains such as Yufuin no Mori, Aso Boy!, and SL Hitoyoshi?


    No additional charges apply to reserve a seat so long as the train operates within the valid area of your JR Kyushu Rail Pass.

  • Q3 Can one person purchase more than one JR Kyushu Rail Pass?


    You can purchase more than one pass as long as the valid periods of the multiple passes you purchase do not overlap.
    However, you will be able to purchase both of Northern Kyushu Area Pass and Southern Kyushu Area Pass when the valid date of two is overlaped only one day. Please be aware that the purchasing and exchanging stations of each pass are different.
    For example) You can purchase both of a Northern Kyushu Area Pass valid from Jan. 1 to 3 and a Southern Kyushu Area Pass valid from Jan.3 to 5.

  • Q4 Can a JR Kyushu Rail Pass be purchased/exchanged on behalf of another?


    JR Kyushu Rail Passes cannot be purchased/exchanged on behalf of other persons.
    The person whose name will be on the pass is required to purchase/exchange her/his pass in person.

  • Q5 What are the business hours of the ticketing counter at each station?


    Hakata Station 7:00 - 22:00
    Information on other stations.

  • Q6 Can you tell me the JR Kyushu rail pass price for children and the conditions for purchase?


    Pass price for children (age between 6 and 11) is half the adult price.

    [How to determine child's age]
    ■If you purchase a voucher for a JR Kyushu Rail Pass while overseas:
     →The age of the child is as of the date of purchase.
    ■If you purchase a JR Kyushu Rail Pass in Kyushu, Japan and purchased in JR Kyushu Rail Pass Online Booking:
     →The age of the child will be as of the date when the pass is first effective.

  • Q7 What are the purchase conditions for a JR Kyushu Rail Pass?


    A JR Kyushu Rail Pass can be purchased by any non-Japanese citizen visiting Japan for the purpose of sightseeing and traveling on a short-stay visa.
    For details

  • Q8 Can foreign students studying in Japan purchase a JR Kyushu Rail Pass?


    JR Kyushu Rail Pass is for foreign tourists who are vising Kyushu from overseas and is not for foreign students residing in Japan. Therefore, those foreign students can not purchase a JR Kyushu Rail Pass. There is a different type of rail pass exclusively for foreign students studying in Japan.
    JR KYUSHU Foreign Student Pass :