JR Kyushu Rail Pass(All, North, South)

How to purchase

How to purchase*There are 4 purchase methods.

To purchase a Voucher for JR Kyushu Rail Pass in a flight

It is possible to purchase the JR Kyushu Rail Pass in a flight.

Target Airline agent is as below.

・Hong Kong Express

*After you arrive in Japan, please bring the Voucher to one of the following ticket office and you will be issued your JR Kyushu Rail Pass(es).

*In case that the voucher has no Stamp on back side, there is possibility not to be able to exchange at JR counter.

Where to pick up your pass
■ Hong Kong Express

"ㇾ"…Available "×"…Not available

Station All Kyushu Area Pass Northern Kyushu
Area Pass
Southern Kyushu
Area Pass
Hakata ×
Kagoshima-chuo ×
Nagasaki ×

*Voucher is valid for three months after purchase.

*In order to exchange a voucher for a pass(es), you must present the Voucher in person along with your passport.