JR Kyushu Rail Pass(All, North, South)

How to purchase

How to purchase*There are 4 purchase methods.

To purchase a Voucher for JR Kyushu Rail Pass while outside Japan

Please purchase a Voucher for a JR Kyushu Rail Pass at a travel agency. Travel agencies that sell JR Kyushu Rail Passes include:

Overseas branches and authorized travel agents of JTB, Nippon Travel Agency, Kinki Nippon Tourist (Kintetsu International), TOBU TOP TOURS, JAL(▲), JALPAK, JR Kyushu Jet Ferry(▲), Doctortour, Korea Railroad Corporation, MODE TOUR, Hana Tour, myrealtrip, EGL Tours, Package Tour, cola tour, LION TRAVEL, KLOOK, KKday, Fliggy, Ctrip, LINKTIVITY and their affiliate travel agencies/shops

*Southern Kyushu Area Pass is not sold at (▲) Company.

*These agents in Japan do not sell Vouchers for the JR Kyushu Rail Pass.

*After you arrive in Japan, please bring the Voucher to one of the following ticket office and you will be issued your JR Kyushu Rail Pass(es).

*Voucher is valid for three months after purchase.

*In order to exchange a voucher for a pass(es), you must present the Voucher in person along with your passport.