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Station manners

Train manners in Japan

We would like to request your cooperation in ensuring that all passengers are able to enjoy their ride in comfort.

At the station

Please wait for the train in one of the two lines on the platform. Please do not cut in line.

Please stay inside the yellow line when you are waiting for the train.

Do not walk and use a smartphone at the same time.

Do not dash into the train at the last minute.

No smoking is allowed at the station nor on the train.

2On the train

Do not speak loudly.

Do not monopolize the seats.

Do not obstruct other passengers from boading and alighting from trains.

Please set your mobile phone to silent mode and refain from speaking on it.

Do not sit on the floor.

Do not litter.

Do not let your belongings intrude the space of other customers. Put them on the rack or in the space under the seat.

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