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Material Procurement Information

2.What is Required of Our Suppliers

JR Kyushu needs to procure higher quality and more reliable goods in a stable and timely manner in order to implement procurement that places top priority on the maintenance of safe and reliable railway transportation. To this end, cooperation from our business partners is indispensable. Business partners are expected to understand our Basic Procurement Policy. We also seek their understanding and cooperation for each item below.

(1)Procurement with top priority on railway safety

  • Thorough awareness of the quality required for safe transportation
  • Continuing efforts to maintain and improve quality
  • Provision of sufficient and timely post-sales services/support and a prompt response to problems, including fact-finding investigations, technological support, and the provision of replacements
  • Development of products that accommodate various usage environments and needs

(2)Establishment of a stable supply system capable of strictly adhering to contractual delivery deadlines

  • Establishment of a system that enables a continuing and timely supply of the goods we need
  • Provision of information and suggestions for substitutes when supply is not available

(3)Provision of goods at reasonable prices

  • Continuing efforts toward cost reductions
  • Efforts to develop goods toward the reduction of total costs, including maintenance and management fees

(4)Establishment of a business relationship that leads to mutual growth

  • Establishment of a relationship of mutual trust through close communication
  • Continuing efforts to improve quality and technical capacity, and proactive proposals for new technology

(5)Fulfillment of social responsibility

  • Compliance with relevant laws and regulations and due consideration to the protection of the global environment
  • Rejection of relationships with anti-social forces