JR Kyushu User Benefits

JR Kyushu User Benefits

○JR Kyushu Rail Pass (All, North, South)
○JR Kyushu Rail Pass (Fukuoka Wide)
○Sanyo–San’in Northern Kyushu Pass

Customers who use products above can recive special benefit at shops/facilities if presenting the Pass.
Target product or conditions are different according to shops, please notice.

Expiration Date
March 31, 2023


Name Maruichi
Target Product JR Kyushu Rail Pass (All, North, South)
JR Kyushu Rail Pass (Fukuoka Wide)
Sanyo–San’in Northern Kyushu Pass
Introduction The juices overflowing from the large, tender pork sirloin cutlet are sure to raise your happiness quotient. Enjoy with our special sauce, mustard, or lemon.
Benefit ¥100 discount with meals *Not valid at lunchtime
Address B1F Kagoshima Chuo Building, 1-10 Yamanokuchi-cho, Kagoshima-city
Hours 11:30-14:00
Holiday Sundays
Phone 099-226-3351
Directions 5 minute walk from City Tram "Takamibaba" Stop