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Shareholder Returns (Dividends)

Basic Policy

The Company places the return of profits to shareholders as one of its most important management policies. As such, the Company adopts a basic policy of carrying out stable and continuous dividend payments in accordance with its business performance.
The distribution of surplus dividends is decided at the general meeting of shareholders. In addition, the Company’s record date for its year-end dividend is every March 31. Furthermore, the Company’s Articles of Incorporation stipulate that the Company may pay interim dividends with a record date of September 30 through a decision by the Board of Directors.
With the goal of a consolidated payout ratio of approximately 30% through FY 2019/3, the Company aims for a stable dividend per share. The Company will comprehensively evaluate and decide on dividend amounts for each business year giving careful consideration to trends in its business performance.

Dividend per share

FY 2018/3: ¥83
FY 2019/3: ¥83 (planned)