Disclosure Policy

The Company observes the following items in regard to its investor relations activities. We strive to secure the trust and understanding of shareholders and other investors through timely, fair, and continuous disclosure of corporate information.

Disclosure Standards

The Company conducts required disclosure of necessary Group information based on regulations such as those for timely disclosure (hereafter “timely disclosure regulations”) specified in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and related laws, as well as in securities listing regulations for stock exchanges. In addition, at the Company’s discretion, we strive for active and fair disclosure of information determined to be useful in enhancing shareholder and investor understanding of the Group.

Disclosure Methods

Information that requires disclosure based on timely disclosure regulations is disclosed on the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) system, which is operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. After disclosure on TDnet, the same information is promptly published on the Company’s homepage.
Moreover, even in cases where disclosure based on timely disclosure regulations is not required, we conduct fair and comprehensive disclosure when possible through such means as posting information for which disclosure is desirable on our homepage.

Quiet Period

To prevent leaks of information on financial results and to guarantee fair disclosure, the Company has a quiet period prior to the presentation of financial results, lasting two weeks, during which we refrain from answering questions or making comments on financial results. However, should the outlook of the earnings forecast change significantly during the quiet period, disclosure will be conducted in accordance with timely disclosure regulations.
Moreover, as a general rule, information not related to financial results is disclosed, and questions regarding information that has already been released are addressed even during the quiet period.


There are cases where items related to future plans and forecasts are included in information disclosed by the Company. However, such items are based on information available at the time of disclosure and specific assumptions deemed rational by the Company. Due to changes in economic conditions and other factors, there are instances where actual results differ from plans and outlooks. In addition, it is important to keep in mind that there are instances where revisions are made to plans and forecasts.
Furthermore, information disclosed by the Company is presented as part of its investor relations activities and is not intended as a solicitation for investments. Please use your own judgment when deciding how to invest.