Development of Human Resources

Fundamental Approach

 As part of our aim to develop employees who are eager to learn and take on challenges, we are implementing initiatives based on the themes of a corporate culture that emphasizes learning, a workplace environment that fosters action, comfortable environments that are easy to work in, and satisfaction.
Fundamental Approach

A Corporate Culture that Emphasizes Learning and a Workplace Environment that Fosters Action

 Development of Human Resources is a major pillar of the corporate culture we are striving to build in the JR Kyushu Group. To ensure the sustainable growth of the JR Kyushu Group, each and every employee needs to learn and challenge themselves to achieve continuous growth and evolution. It is also important for employees at all levels to be self-aware and conscious of the knowledge and skills required in their daily work in order to make the JR Kyushu Group a strong organization. The JR Kyushu Group has many systems for employees who are enthusiastic about growing and learning. We use these to help our employees learn and become the best they can be.

Group Training at Employee Training Center

 A wide range of employee development training for JR Kyushu employees is held at our employee training center. We provide training aligned with each growth stage for various positions, such as training for new employees, training for employees who have been promoted, training for employees’ new role as managers and training for new managers. In training by position, employees study topics such as mindsets, active communication, and management methods.
◆Main training systems


At JR Kyushu, we use e-learning as part of our employee development training. In FY2021, training was provided on areas including corporate ethics, information security, health declaration and human rights awareness. In addition, in order to comply with the principal of fair business operations, our corporate ethics training covers anti-corruption comprehensively, including issues such as bribery and insider trading.
Main training content Participants
Group training Training for each position, training for new employees,
training to obtain new qualifications, etc.
Applicable employees
Training to improve safety, service and railway technology Applicable employees
E-learning Information security All employees
Corporate ethics All employees
Social integration issues All employees
Insider trading All employees
◆Training carried out in FY2021
※ For group training and e-learning held at the employee training center in FY2021, the total time as a company was 123,362 hours and the average hours per employee was 17.5

Training Using the JR Kyushu Group Corporate Ethics Handbook

 All JR Kyushu Group employees receive a copy of the JR Kyushu Group Corporate Ethics Handbook. The handbook incorporates specific examples of corporate ethics initiatives, such as creating a workplace with ethical measures such as harassment prevention and running a fair business that prevents corruption and other ethical issues. An English version of the handbook has also been produced in order to enable the contents to be communicated globally to employees more easily.



Recruitment Principles and Activities at JR Kyushu

Diversity is a priority in JR Kyushu’s recruitment, and we use fair selection policies that do not discriminate by gender, nationality or any other facet of candidates’ identity. 

Recruitment policies that focus on diversity

Employees are selected fairly, regardless of religion, gender, age, sexuality, disability, nationality, or any other facet of their identity. We strive for diversity and welcome employees from all walks of life. We recruit employees of all ages, with and without experience. We welcome returnees from overseas universities, overseas students, and students with disabilities. 

Employment of People with Disabilities

JR Kyushu is actively working to employ people with disabilities, and as of June 2022 the percentage of employees with disabilities was 2.82%. In addition, in April 2019 we established JR Kyushu Palette Work Inc. with the objective of employing people with disabilities. Moving forward, we will work to further expand employment of people with disabilities by creating an environment that is even easier to work in.