Local Community Invigoration

Fundamental Approach

 We approach our business with a strong sense of purpose as a corporate group that is invigorating Kyushu. Even if our business environment has dramatically changed, this mindset remains unchanged. Ever since we were first established, we have worked steadily to build a resilient railway and drawn on the comprehensive strengths of the JR Kyushu Group in proactive city-building and community development projects involving various facets of our business to create thriving communities with plenty of employment opportunities.
 Our city-building and community development projects are about making Kyushu a place where people will want to live, work, and visit. The reason this is possible is because the JR Kyushu Group has deep roots in the communities and has grown with them. When communities are invigorated, the JR Kyushu Group is invigorated too. Sustainable development of communities leads to sustainable growth of our group.

JR Kyushu Walking

 We hold JR Kyushu Walking events to help people discover places of interest around stations in Kyushu. Held since May 1999, the event held in the fiscal year ended March 2020 was the 20th JR Kyushu Walking event. Courses are designed with cooperation from local governments and communities and feature themes such as the nature, famous sights, cuisine and festivals of each region. The courses center on stations to encourage people to use railways and build the JR Kyushu Group’s fan base. JR Kyushu Walking events are the product of close, ongoing communication with local communities.
 Aiming to realize the JR Kyushu Group’s vision of becoming a “corporate group that invigorates Kyushu, Japan, and Greater Asia with safety and service as its foundation”, we must build stable, long-term relationships of trust with our stakeholders. The JR Kyushu Group Code of Ethics also states that “we will contribute to the revitalization of the region and strive to grow together with the region” with regards to contributing to regional society.

Initiatives to Provide Regular Recognition to Employees who Contribute to Local Communities

 JR Kyushu regularly gives internal recognition to employees who contribute to local communities through means such as service activities, youth development activities and community cleanups.