Employee Health Management Initiatives

JR Kyushu Group Health Declaration

The JR Kyushu Group established the “JR Kyushu Group Health Declaration” in April 2021. We will work together to promote health management so that each employee can play an active role with vitality to create further "local community invigoration".

JR Kyushu's Health Management Promotion System

With the president as the health management supervisor and the officer in charge of human resources as the health management promotion supervisor, the human resources department, industrial health staff and the health insurance association are working together to promote the health of employees at each workplace.
Each company in the JR Kyushu Group has also designated a health management manager and a department in charge of promoting health management, and by sharing information among the companies with JR Kyushu at the center, we have created a system to promote initiatives throughout the Group.


Health Management in JR Kyushu

JR Kyushu formulates the Basic Health management Policy for each fiscal year by providing feedback on the health status of employees and their management status at the Executive committe, which consists of executives directors and other members, and discussing issues. In addition, we set KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for the health of employees (in line with the period of the medium-term business plan) as an indicator to measure the progress of our efforts.

In March 2021, We were recognized as "Health and Productivity Management: Outstanding Organization"for the
first time as a result of our initiatives in health-related management thus far.

■Outline of the initiatives stipulated in implementation of the Basic Health management Policy

The Human Resources Department and the Health Management Office play a central role in promoting the health of
employees by providing support for health management through visits by industrial physicians and public health nurses
to workplaces and health consultations, as well as proactively raising awareness of health and encouraging employees
to develop exercise habits by holding events where employees can enjoy themselves while working on health

☆Knowing and learning

(1) Identifying employee health issues and providing guidances (health checkups, health guidances, stress checks)

(2) Enhance opportunities to know and learn (e-learning, training of health managers)


(1) Promotion of specific Health management habits (exercise habits, smoking cessation, prevention of infectious diseases, improvement of dietary habits)

(2) Mental health measures (analysis and utilization of stress checks, interviews with public health nurses)

(3) Creation of a comfortable working environment (working hour management, work-life balance)

☆Crating a corporate culture that encourages

(1) Setting health goals "My! Health Declaration" for each employee.

(2) Education and information sharing for health and safety managers, etc.

(3)Strengthen the health management promotion system (disclosure of information internally and externally)

(4) Promotion of health management in the entire JR Kyushu Group