Material Procurement Information

Required Documents to Submit to JR Kyushu and JR Kyushu Trading Company

Prospective suppliers wishing to do business with JR Kyushu and JR Kyushu Trading Company will need to submit the following documents listed as below.
Please note that the application form should be filled out in Japanese.

No. Documents Form Prospective suppliers Notes
Documentary screening
Documentary screening
1 Information sheet (a survey of corporate data) Prescribed form
2 Nortification of seal, Power of Attorney
3 Power of Attorney (outside) If applicable
4 Notification of bank account
5 Copy of a registration certificate Issued by public authority
6 Certificate of a seal impression
7 Business certificate If applicable
8 Copy of business permission or licence If applicable
9 Corporate profile (Company Brochure) Unprescribed

Prescribed form

For initial documentary screening

1 Information sheet

For secondary documentary screening

2~4 Notification of seal and others

※Please note that these are in Japanese.