JR Kyushu Rail Pass User Benefits

JR Kyushu Rail Pass User Benefits

JR Kyushu Rail Pass users will receive the following benefits and services.

In order to receive a benefit, please show your pass at applicable store or facility.

Expiration Date
September 30,2018


Name B-Passage, Beppu BIS South Hall
Introduction Come to B-Passage, Beppu BIS South Hall for your souvenir shopping in Beppu.
Benefit Differs between each store
Address 12-13 Ekimae-cho, Beppu-city
Hours 9:00-21:00 (Differs depending on store)
Holiday Open All Year Round
Phone 0977-22-1686
Directions Directly linked with JR Kyushu Beppu Station
Official Website http://www.beppu-sc.jp


Name Ieyoshi
Benefit Free confection with any purchase of 1,000 yen or more
Hours 8:00-21:00
Phone 0977-22-3206
Type of store Souvenir
Name Pet Hot Spring, Animaryu
Benefit Free pet treat for any visiting customer
Hours 9:00-19:00
Phone 0977-27-0111
Type of store Pet services
Benefit 10%OFF
Hours 9:00-20:00
Phone 080-6402-4545
Type of store Beppu bamboo arts and craft shop
Name Maruniya
Benefit Two free pieces of tea candy or tea service (by teapot and not matcha green tea) with any purchase of 500 yen or more
Hours 9:00-20:00
Phone 0977-23-2457
Type of store Green tea and shiitake mushroom specialty store
Name Wa-zakka Kirara
Benefit 5% discount on any purchase of 1,000 yen or more
Discount on yukata rental. Regular price 3,000 yen -> 2,500 yen
Hours 9:00-20:00
Phone 0977-23-6121
Type of store Japanese general goods and clothes
Name Watch and Jewelry Watanabe
Benefit 20% discount over 3,000 different items
Hours 9:00-20:00
Phone 0977-25-7060
Type of store Watches and jewelry

BIS South hall

Name Cosmetics and Drugs Fan
Benefit Free gift with any purchase of 2,000 yen or more
Hours 10:00-20:00
Phone 0977-84-7739
Type of store Medical goods, health food, cosmetics, everyday items
Name Alice
Benefit 10% discount on any item with any purchase of 2,000 yen or more
Hours 10:00-20:00
Phone 0977-23-7408
Type of store Women's clothing and accessories
Name Lifeplus
Benefit Free Japanese sundry goods with any purchase of 5 or more items
Hours 10:00-20:00
Phone 0977-27-3500
Type of store All items ¥98
Name Cosmetic Garden Akiyoshi
Benefit Free foundation sample with any purchase
Hours 10:00-20:00
Phone 0977-22-6648
Type of store Cosmetic items
Name Little Theater
Benefit ¥500 voucher usable only at Little Theater for customers who spent ¥5,000 or more
Hours 10:00-20:00
Phone 0977-24-8701
Type of store Women's clothing