JR Kyushu Rail Pass User Benefits

JR Kyushu Rail Pass User Benefits

JR Kyushu Rail Pass users will receive the following benefits and services.

In order to receive a benefit, please show your pass at applicable store or facility.

Expiration Date
March 31,2018


Introduction JR HAKATA CITY, one of the largest station buildings in Japan boasts nearly 400 outlets offering fashion, food and drink, entertainment, etc. You can spend a satisfying day here!
Benefit Differs between each store
Address 1-1 Hakataeki-Chuogai, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-city
(same building as Hakata Station)
■Restaurants/11:00-25:00 (latest)

・1F-8F/shops and cafés 10:00-21:00
・9F-10F/City Dining Kuten (restaurants) 11:00-25:00 (latest)
・B1F /AMU Basement (food, cafés and services) 8:00-21:00
・Rooftop/Tsubame-No-Mori Hiroba (Roof Garden) 10:00-23:00, winter (Jan. 4 to Feb. 28) 10:00-21:00
・B1F-8F/Hakata Hankyu 10:00-21:00
*5F - 8F until 20:00

・B1F-1F/Shop&service 10:00-21:00(some5:00…1:00,the following day)
・B1F/ATM:Seven Bank,AEON Bank,Credit Saison 10:00-25:00 (latest)

・B1F/ Rice toko of HAKATA From 11:00 to 23:00 (some from 7:00 to 23:30)
・1F/ According to HAKATA slight intoxication From 11:00 to 23:00 (some from 10:00 to 24:00)
・1F/ Souvenir thing City place 8:00-21:00
・1F/ Ippin-Dori Street From 8:00 to 22:00 (some from 7:00 to 22:00)
・2F/ HAKATA noodles highway From 11:00 to 22:00 (some from 10:00 to 23:00)
Holiday Open All Year Round
Phone 092-431-8484(10:00-21:00)
Directions JR Hakata station
Official Website http://www.jrhakatacity.com/translation/

City Dining Kooten 9F~10F(Business open until 1AM at the latest. *Some stores have different business hours.)

Name Kashiwaya Genjiro
Benefit Oyakodon (chicken and egg on rice) ¥800 → ¥680
Phone 092-477-9408
Type of store Chicken dish
Name Saikabo
Benefit Free dessert
Phone 092-415-0108
Type of store Korean cuisine
Name Nangokusyuka
Benefit One free soft drink
Phone 092-409-6869
Type of store Noodles with starchy soup
Name Napoli Pizza ESSE DUE
Benefit 1 free draft beer or glass of red or white wine after 17:00
Phone 092-413-5788
Type of store Pizzeria
Name Cantina Siciliana
Benefit 1 free drink (glass of red or white wine or soft drink) for patrons enjoying the Pris Fixe Course
Phone 092-409-5699
Type of store Italian cuisine
Name Yushoku Tonsai Ichi-ni-san
Benefit One free drink (choice of mini draft beer, yuzu drink, oolong tea, or black vinegar drink)
Phone 092-477-8123
Type of store Black pork dish
Name Hakata Meibutsu Motsunabe SHORAKU
Benefit Free dessert
Phone 092-409-6860
Type of store Motsunabe (offal hot pot)
Name Steak and Wine Style Budounoki
Benefit One free glass of wine
Phone 092-409-6900
Type of store steak Grill
Name Zacco Alporto
Benefit One free drink (only with meals)
Phone 092-413-5065
Type of store Italian seafood
Name COCA Restaurant
Benefit 5%OFF
Hours 092-409-6855
Type of store Thai cuisine
Name A&K Beer & Food Station
Benefit 10%OFF
Phone 092-415-1190
Type of store Beer & Food restaurant
Name Tengushi Uogusi Hisago
Benefit Free draft beer (small) or soft drink
Phone 092-409-6911
Type of store Skewered tempura and fish
Name Hakata Station Oyster Bar
Benefit Free glass of wine, sparkling wine, or soft drink (some exceptions apply)
Phone 092-409-8940
Type of store OysterBar
Name Mansaku Motsu Restaurant
Benefit Free dessert ice cream
Phone 092-409-6701
Type of store Offal cuisine
Name Sabaman
Benefit One free soft drink (only with meals)
Phone 092-409-6703
Type of store Mackerel dishes and local cuisine
Name Cantina Elborracho
Benefit Lunch: 10% off on weekdays only, Dinner: 1 free house tequila
Phone 092-409-6263
Type of store Mexican cuisine
Name Shato Hanten
Benefit One free drink
Type of store Szechwan cuisine
Name Yoshoku Azabu Mantenboshi
Benefit 10% off food and drink
Phone 092-415-1147
Type of store Western Style Restaurant
Name Umaya
Benefit 10% discount after 17:00.
Phone 092-415-1150
Type of store Yakitori (chicken skewers)


Name Doug’s Coffee
Benefit 10%OFF
Hours 8:00-21:00
Phone 092-433-5285
Type of store Coffee stand
Name Doug’s Burger
Benefit 10%OFF
Hours 10:00-23:00 (Last order 21:30)
Phone 092-433-5285
Type of store Hamburgers
Name Hay Hay Mambo
Benefit 10%OFF
Hours 10:00-15:00/17:00-23:00 (Last order 21:30)
Phone 092-433-5285
Type of store Asian tapas bar
Benefit 10%OFF
Hours 10:00-23:00 (Last order 21:30)
Phone 092-433-5285
Type of store Café and restaurant
Name Konpeito Café NAO Café
Benefit 1 small box of Konpeito sweets
Hours 10:00-21:00
Phone 092-260-1588
Type of store Desserts
Name Override
Benefit 5% off *Some items excepted
5%OFF ※一部除外有
Hours 10:00-21:00
Phone 092-409-8105
Type of store Men’s hats & caps


Name Ishikura Taimeshi and Japanese Restaurant
Benefit One free soft drink (only with set meal orders)
Hours 8:00-23:00
Phone 092-441-7765
Type of store Taimeshi (sea bream and rice) ・Japanese cuisine
Name Futabatei
Benefit One free nitamago egg or second serving of noodles
Hours 10:00-22:00 (Last order 21:30)
Phone 092-441-7860
Type of store Chinese noodles, mustard takana
Name Daming Chinese Fire Pot Restaurant
Benefit Free almond jelly or oolong tea with meals of ¥600 or more
600円以上お食事の方 杏仁豆腐orウーロン茶サービス
Hours 11:00-22:30 (Last order 22:15)
Phone 092-441-0899
Type of store Sichuan noodles
Name Ganso Daruma
Benefit 1 free Oolong tea (only with ramen purchases)
Hours 11:00-23:00 (Last order 22:30)
Phone 092-710-6377
Type of store Chinese noodles
Name Hakata Ikkousha
Benefit Free ajitama (ramen egg)
Hours 11:00-24:00 (Last order 23:30)
Phone 092-475-8510
Type of store Ramen (Chinese noodles), gyoza dumplings


Name Kokumin Drug
Benefit A 10% discount on a purchase of ¥1,000 or more
Hours 10:00-21:00
Phone 092-441-0510
Type of store Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and daily commodities
Name Kokumin Drug Hakata Healthy
Benefit A 10% discount for a purchase of ¥1,000 or more (including tax)
Hours 10:00-21:00
Phone 092-441-3228
Type of store Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and daily commodities