How to use

Touch the SUGOCA (SUGOMON PASS) against the reader section of Automatic gate
and pass through.

Automatic gate Simple gate

1 Touch the SUGOCA (SUGOMON PASS) firmly against the card reader section with the blue light on.

Do not just pass the card over the reader section, hold the card against it horizontally for 1 second.
*Do not insert it into the ticket slot of the automatic gate.
If you insert the SUGOCA (SUGOMON PASS) into the ticket slot, it may be damaged.

Touch for 1 second!

2 A message will be shown on the display.

The card balance and amount used, etc., will be displayed.
*The fare for one adult will automatically be paid. When using the card for children's fares (6 to under 12 years of age) please inform the station staff.

If you cannot go through the gate

If card balance is insufficient, or your entry/exit is not recorded correctly, etc., there will be a "beeping" sound, a red light will come on on the card reader section and you will not be able to pass through. Please check the display message.
*In case that there is no staff at any non-manned station, please ask the staff when you use this card at manned station inside SUGOMON PASS available area next time.


  • Please be sure to touch it against the automatic gate when entering or exiting. If you pass through without touching the gate, you will be unable to use it the next time. Be sure to touch the card against the Simple gate even at unmanned stations. When alighting at unmanned stations and on examination of tickets inside the train, the train staff may check your entry record.
  • You cannot enter if the card balance is less than 10 yen.