JR Kyushu User Benefits

JR Kyushu User Benefits

○JR Kyushu Rail Pass (All, North, South)
○JR Kyushu Rail Pass (Fukuoka Wide)
○Sanyo–San’in Northern Kyushu Pass

Customers who use products above can recive special benefit at shops/facilities if presenting the Pass.
Target product or conditions are different according to shops, please notice.

Expiration Date
March 31,2021


Name Huis Ten Bosch
Target Product JR Kyushu Rail Pass (All, North, South)
JR Kyushu Rail Pass (Fukuoka Wide)
Sanyo–San’in Northern Kyushu Pass
Introduction Adding the art pieces of Lights that make use of the canal’s terrain to the "Kingdom of Lights", and wrap up the city by the dream-like lights!
A special event that can only be realized in Huis Ten Bosch!
Let’s enjoy a romantic experience with your beloved ones!

The largest theme park with 1.52 million ㎡in Japan, where couples and family can have fun with various kinds of attractions. Let's enjoy some safe and quality time here! You will be attracted by streets just same as ones in Netherlands, and there are beautiful hotels, restaurants, and plenty of shopping spots in the park.
We have developed our own kingdom series of lights, flowers, games, music and shows, health and beauty, and robots.
We are looking forward to your visit!
Benefit ① 5% Discount off for 1 Day Passport by presenting the JR Kyushu pass.
② 1 Free drink (soft drink) will be served at "A Coeur Ouvert", (Restaurant in Hotel Amsterdam), and "Hana No Ya", (Japanese restaurant at Harbor Town) if you have a meal there. Please kindly note you are required to present the JR Kyushu Pass.

*5% discount cannot be used on 31st Dec.
Address 1-1 Huis Ten Bosch machi, Sasebo
Hours 9:00-22:00 *hours can vary
Holiday Open All Year Round
Phone 0570-064-110
Directions Short walk from JR Huis Ten Bosch station
Official Website http://english.huistenbosch.co.jp/