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A total of 50,000 yen in prizes will be given away each time!We are currently holding our “Which is your style?! A or B Campaign”!!


At 21:26 on April 14, 2016,
a level 7 earthquake, which is the strongest level on the Japanese seismic intensity, hit the Kumamoto, Kyushu region.
The earthquake caused a large amount of damage in Kyushu, mainly in Kumamoto.
The “Hohi Main Line” from Higo-Ozu to Aso,
which connects to Aso from Kumamoto was also damaged by the earthquake.
It has been four years and four months since then,
and we are finally taking a large step forward.


Aso/Taketa Area Map
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There’s also
a full selection
of transportation options
from the station to sightseeing areas! 

Aso/Taketa Local   
Gourmet Tour Bus
A selection of the best spots in the Aso/Taketa area!
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Enjoy easy and reasonably priced taxi sightseeing
"Ekikara Kantakun"
Do things smartly in a short amount of time! Enjoy easy and reasonably priced taxi sightseeing with “Ekikara Kantakun”
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Walking Bycicle
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Limited Express Aso Boy!

Operates between Kumamoto - Aso - Beppu

You’ll find plenty of features that make this train fun for families, including special seating for parents and children, a wood-filled pool, and a picture-book collection! 101 instances of “Kuro-chan” the Dog, the mascot for Aso Boy!, are also hiding throughout the train.

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Limited Express Kyushu Odan Tokkyu

Operates between Kumamoto - Aso - Beppu

A red train that runs through the middle of Kyushu!

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Convenient ways
to take a trip
through Aso! 

3 to 7-day all-you-can-ride, special-value tickets for those who will take a leisurely tour of Kyushu
JR Kyushu Rail Pass
Convenient tickets that allow you to choose the zone in which you want to ride, for those who only wish to ride their favorite sightseeing trains
JR KYUSHU Train Reservation


A total of 50,000 yen in prizes will be given away each time!We are currently holding our “Which is your style?! A or B Campaign”!!

Just answer a two-choice question
that will be asked
on the JR Kyushu official Instagram.
You have 5 chances to win! Each month,
try to win different luxury prizes
that will be indispensable
for traveling in Kyushu

<How to Participate>

STEP1 Follow the JR Kyushu official Instagram (@jrkyushu_worldinfo)
Follow us now
STEP2 On the first of each month, a survey will be posted. Choose either A or B from each survey and then post your answer as a comment Which is best for you? A or B? Answer by telling us your preferred type as a comment! I LIKE A/B  Post You can participate as many times as you want! ☆You can also leave a comment stating your reason for choosing A or B/tag your friends with an @mention to increase your odds of winning☆


A pair of 7-day All-Kyushu JR Kyushu Rail Passes (equal to 50,000 yen) (*1) An assortment of JR Kyushu original goods Valid for one year after being issued However, the rail passes can only be picked up at JR Kyushu Hakata Station, and the type of ticket or number of ticket users cannot be changed under any circumstances

<Event Schedule and Prizes>

(1) First post: August 1st (Sat) Answer period: 8/1 (Sat) to 8/31 (Mon)

<Announcement of Winners>

We will contact the winners directly through DM
after each event period has ended.