JR Kyushu Rail Pass (Fukuoka Wide)

How to purchase

It is possible to purchase the pass through designated travel agencies below:

Korea Doctortour, Hana Tour, WAUG, myrealtrip
Taiwan cola tour, LION TRAVEL
Hong Kong EGL Tours

For those purchase the pass at designated travel agencies, it is possible to take trains after scratching off the usage date. No needed to exchange the pass at JR counter.

In Regard to Refund

You must be in possession of a passport issued by a country other than Japan.
You must reside outside Japan and are visiting Japan on a short-stay visa.

In order to purchase a JR Kyushu Rail Pass, you must satisfy conditions 1 and 2 above.

It is possible to purchase the pass at JR Kyushu ticket counter or designated purchase counter below:

Station Business Hours Holidays
Hakata station 7:00 - 21:00 Open All Year Round
Kokura staiton 7:00 - 21:00 (3FL Ticket Office)
Mojikō station 7:30 - 19:00