Train information The SL Hitoyoshi

The SL Hitoyoshi
The SL Hitoyoshi The SL Hitoyoshi

The SL Hitoyoshi sets off with the aim of giving you a memorable journey.

The steam locomotive is so expressive it seems to be alive. The journey along the 100 year-old weather-beaten railways luxuriates in hospitality, with gorgeous and comfortable cabins and high quality service. Enjoy the best in train journeys, while listening to the nostalgic sound of steam train whistles.

Route: : Kumamoto to Hitoyoshi

Cabin fixtures

The SL Hitoyoshi

Box seats Fabric and leather box seats fit right in with the classic wood compartment. A reading area and a museum section are also available.

The SL Hitoyoshi

Observation lounge The observation lounge has classy maple and rosewood furnishings, bringing you luxury and comfort at once.

The SL Hitoyoshi

Buffet (Cafe terrace) Light meals, drinks and original goods are sold. If you gather in a chic woody space, it's a nice cafe time.

on-board sales and services

The SL Hitoyoshi offers on-board sales.