Limited Express
Hayato no Kaze

A jet-black train indicative of the good old day

This express train operates between Yoshimatsu (Hisatsu Line) and Kagoshima-chuo. Sights to be seen include Kareigawa Station that still retains its original look from back in the Meiji period. Between Kagoshima and Shigetomi, you will also have a view of the Sakurajima Volcano on Kinko Bay. The train offers an observation lounge. Bento lunch boxes, local beers and desserts are available for purchase while on board.

Cabin interior

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Observation lounge

All passengers can access the observation lounge, decorated in a bright southern taste, to enjoy dynamic scenic views through the large windows.

Passenger cabin

A wooden interior provides a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Watch the train running
through the land of Kyushu!

The interior of Kyushu Shinkansen and D&S Train will be covered on Google Street View.


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A view of Kinko Bay and Sakurajima
“Hayato no Kaze” runs alongside Kinko Bay.
You will see majestic Sakurajima Volcano across the shiny water surface.
(Between Kagoshima and Shigetomi)
Photo services
How about a photo holding the special panel? Cabin attendants will help you memorialize your trip. Please feel free to contact your cabin attendant.
Commemorative ticket
All passengers will receive this ticket. It is also has space for a stamp that will help you memorialize your trip.


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Kareigawa Station
Opened in 1903, this is one of the oldest stations on Hisatsu Line. This retro-building is a popular sightseeing spot.
Osumi-Yokogawa Station
This is the other oldest station on the Hisatsu Line. Bullet holes from World War II can still be seen on a post on the platform. The building survived the war and is still in use today.


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Stops & Timetable

2 round trips a day / Daily operation

As of March 2016

Click here for timetable.(2018.7.14~2019.2.28)                            

Click here for connection information. *Timetables may remain valid for only a few months.

The Limited Express “Hayato no Kaze” in operation

Train Configuration

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