Sample Itineraries

5-Day 4-Night Surprises & Beautiful Landscapes

DAY-1 Fukuoka   Beppu
DAY-2 Beppu   Nobeoka   Takachiho   Miyazaki
DAY-3 Miyazaki   Obi   Aburatsu   Kirishima
DAY-4 Kirishima   Hitoyoshi   Kumamoto
DAY-5 Kumamoto   Fukuoka

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DAY-1Lots of surprises are to be found in Beppu!

Hakata Station   Beppu Station

Jigoku Meguri (Hell Tour)

Beppu Vista – Hot Spring Steam

Do not miss the "hells" while you are in Beppu. You will be surprised to see hot spring sources spouting out hot mud as well as hot spring water. The view is like a scene straight out of hell.The view of the white clouds of steam vapor in Beppu from the Beppu Vista is also wonderful.

DAY-2Great views and delicious food all in one day

Beppu Station   Nobeoka Station   Miyazaki Station

Chicken Nanban (fried chicken)

Takachiho Gorge

Try the local chicken dish, Chicken Nanban, while you are in Miyazaki. This dish consists of fried chicken flavored with Nanban Vinegar (vinegar flavored with spring onion and red peppers) and is served with a tartar sauce. After satisfying your hunger, visit the 7km-long Takachiho Gorge with 80 to 100m high cliffs. You can also take a boat ride for a closer look and to truly experience the exceptional beauty of this gorge.

DAY-3Try your luck before enjoying a soak in a hot springs

Miyazaki Station   Obi Station   Aburatsu Station   Miyazaki Station   Kirishima-Jingu Station

Udo Jingu Shrine

Kirishima hot springs

You will find the vermilion-lacquered main chamber of this shrine in a natural cave. Throw Undama stones as you pray for a wish to come true. Men must use their left hand and women must use their right hand. If you are successful in tossing your stone into the hole, your wish will supposedly be granted. Visit the Kirishima hot springs located in natural surroundings on the same day.

DAY-4Must-try Kumamoto delicacies

Kirishima-Jingu Station   Hayato Station   Yoshimatsu Station   Hitoyoshi Station   Kumamoto Station

Unagi (eel)

Horse meat

Try the barbecued eel dish at the Uemura restaurant near Hitoyoshi Station. You can enjoy tender and savory charcoal barbecued eel. Kumamoto is also well known for its raw horse-meat dishes.

DAY-5Explore the beauty of Kumamoto

Kumamoto Station   Hakata Station

Kumamoto Castle

Suizenji Jojuen Garden

When you are in Kumamoto, don’t forget to visit the beautiful Kumamoto Castle, one of the three great castles in Japan. You should set aside some time to drop by Suizenji Jojuen Garden. The construction of this circuit-style garden began in 1636 and took about 80 years to complete.

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