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3-Day 2-Night Northern Kyushu Highlights

DAY-1 Fukuoka   Huis Ten Bosch
DAY-2 Huis Ten Bosch   Nagasaki   Yufuin
DAY-3 Yufuin   Fukuoka

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DAY-1Enjoy Huis Ten Bosch!

Hakata Station  Huis Ten Bosch Station

Huis Ten Bosch

Disembark at JR Huis Ten Bosch Station, and you will find yourself a short walk from the entrance to the No. 1 amusement resort in Kyushu. Flowers blossom year-round at this resort where a variety of attractions, museums, hotels, shops and restaurants are to be found. Take the Limited Express Huis Ten Bosch to get to this resort.

DAY-2Get to know the unique culture of Nagasaki

Huis Ten Bosch Station   Nagasaki Station   Tosu Station   Yufuin Station

Shinchi China Town

Glover Garden

While in Nagasaki, a must-try is the vegetable-rich healthy noodles, Champon. You should also set aside time to visit Glover Garden and its several historic Western-style buildings. This garden has been designated as one of important cultural properties of Japan and is visited by more than a million tourists every year. In addition to an abundance of seasonal flowers and awesome views of downtown Nagasaki, you can also see the harbor from this garden.

DAY-3Relax in Yufuin hot springs

Yufuin Station   Hakata Station

Kinrinko Lake

Sagiridai Overlook

Yufuin is one of most famous and popular hot springs resorts in Japan. If you are looking for a great photo shoot site, go to Kinrinko Lake. Due to the mix of clear cold water and the piping hot water from the hot springs below, the lake surface gives off steam in a cold day. Also, try the Sagiridai Overlook that commands a panoramic view of Yufuin.

For this itinerary, a JR Kyushu Rail Pass Northern Kyushu Area Pass is the most efficient and the one to get!