JR Kyushu Rail Pass User Benefits

JR Kyushu Rail Pass User Benefits

JR Kyushu Rail Pass users will receive the following benefits and services.

In order to receive a benefit, please show your pass at applicable store or facility.

Expiration Date
September 30,2017


Name Huis Ten Bosch
Introduction Awarded as No.1 for the fourth consecutive year in the field of Kyushu and Yamaguchi's best sightseeing spot. This is a theme park where couples and family can have fun with various kinds of attractions. You will be attracted by streets just same as ones in Netherlands, and there are beautiful hotels, restaurants, and plenty of shopping spots in the park. We have developped our own kingdom series of lights, flowers, games, music and shows, health and beauty, and robots.
Benefit ①With showing JR Kyushu pass, 5% discount of 1 Day Passport.
②A soft drink is produced at "A Coeur Ouvert", a restaurant in Hotel Amsterdam, and "Hana No Ya", a Japanese restaurant in the theme park. You must show the JR Kyushu Pass for the benefit at restaurants.
Address 1-1 Huis Ten Bosch machi, Sasebo
Hours 9:00-22:00 ※hours can vary
Holiday Open All Year Round
Phone 0570-064-110
Directions Short walk from JR Huis Ten Bosch station