JR Kyushu Rail Pass User Benefits

JR Kyushu Rail Pass User Benefits

JR Kyushu Rail Pass users will receive the following benefits and services.

In order to receive a benefit, please show your pass at applicable store or facility.

Expiration Date
September 30,2018


Name Udo Shrine
Introduction The vermilion main hall of the shrine stands in a natural cave facing the Sea of Hyuga. The titular deity of the shrine is Ugayafukiaezu no Mikoto, the father of Japan's first emperor, Emperor Jimmu. There is a turtle-shaped rock in front of the shrine, with a wooden box at the top. If men throw a Fortune Ball with their left hand and women with their right hand and the ball goes into the box, it is said that their wish will come true.
Benefit As a celebration for coming to visit, individuals and small groups (up to 4) will receive a Lucky Ball or a cup of Ochichiameyu to help with breastmilk production (In the rest area) *9:00-16:00
参拝記念として、個人・小グループ(4名まで)に、幸の玉もしくはおちちあめ湯をプレゼント。(休憩所にて) ※9:00-16:00まで
Address 3232 Oaza Miyaura, Nichinan-city
Hours April to November 6:00-19:00
Phone 0987-29-1001
Directions Take a bus from JR Miyazaki station and get off at "Udo Shrine." Approximately 10-minute walk from bus stop. Alternatively, approximately 30 minutes by taxi from JR Aburatsu Station.