JR Kyushu Rail Pass User Benefits

JR Kyushu Rail Pass User Benefits

JR Kyushu Rail Pass users will receive the following benefits and services.

In order to receive a benefit, please show your pass at applicable store or facility.

Expiration Date
March 31,2018


Name Ekimachi-1chome Kagoshima
Introduction A full line-up of Kagoshima souvenirs and local cuisine!
Benefit Differs between each store
Address 1-1,Chuo-cho,Kagoshima-city
Hours Miyage Yokocho 8:00 - 21:00
Gourmet Yokocho 10:00 - 23:00
(may differ between stores)
Holiday Open all year round
Phone 099-259-3185
Directions Direct connection to JR Kagoshima Chuo Station
Official Website http://ekimachi1-kagoshima.com/
Name BIC Camera
Benefit 7% discount to customers who purchased tax-free items on presentation of the pass (note this benefit does not apply to some articles)
Hours 10:00-21:00
Phone 099-814-1111
Type of store Household Appliances
Official Website http://ekimachi1-kagoshima.com/floor/biccamera
Name Copion
Benefit Free gift of Tsubame PapeClean phone-screen cleaner with purchase of 2,000 yen or more
Hours 8:00-21:00
Phone 099-812-8882
Type of store General Goods
Official Website http://ekimachi1-kagoshima.com/floor/copion
Name Trattoria Budounoki
Benefit 1 free drink or seasonal bite-sized gelato as a gift to dining guests
Hours 10:00-23:00 (Last order 22:00)
Phone 099-298-1111
Type of store Italian
Official Website http://ekimachi1-kagoshima.com/floor/budounoki
Name Zabon Ramen
Benefit Two slices of specially made chashu (roast pork) to guests who ordered Zabon Ramen (this benefit valid only once per guest)
Hours 10:00-23:00 (Last order 22:00)
Phone 099-255-9395
Type of store Ramen
Official Website http://ekimachi1-kagoshima.com/floor/zabon
Name Kurozuya
Benefit A free 100 g pack of dark vinegar brown sugar for a purchase of ¥2,000 or more
Hours 8:00-21:00
Phone 099-298-1500
Type of store Black vinegar, black vinegar products
Official Website http://ekimachi1-kagoshima.com/floor/kurozuya
Name Satsuma Shio-oden Kanekyu
Benefit One free drink with any purchase of ¥1,000 or more (excludes alcoholic drinks)
Hours 10:00-23:00 (Last order 22:30)
Type of store Bowls, oden
Name Shunsenkan
Benefit Set of Berkshire Pork Curry and Japanese Black beef curry (1 box each), normally priced at ¥1,650 with tax, is offered at ¥1,200 with tax.
Hours 8:00-21:00
Phone 099-298-1129
Type of store Processed meat products
Official Website http://ekimachi1-kagoshima.com/floor/shunsenkan
Name Amami Kyora Umi Kobo
Benefit 5% discount on all items
Hours 8:00-21:00
Phone 099-258-7769
Type of store Local Amami products
Official Website http://ekimachi1-kagoshima.com/floor/kyoraumikoubou
Name Mawaru Sushi Mekkemon
Benefit A free dish of local fish (only up to local fish priced at ¥250)
Hours 10:00-23:00 (Last order 22:00)
Phone 099-298-1515
Type of store Sushi
Official Website http://ekimachi1-kagoshima.com/floor/mekkemon
Name Moero Satsumaya Purin
Benefit 5% discount on custard puddings
Hours 8:00-21:00
Phone 099-204-9911
Type of store Western Desserts
Official Website http://ekimachi1-kagoshima.com/floor/satsumayapurin
Name Wafuka Karaimo
Benefit A free piece of Haikara Imo for a purchase of ¥1,500 or more
Hours 8:00-21:00
Phone 099-812-6771
Type of store Japanese Sweets
Official Website http://ekimachi1-kagoshima.com/floor/wafukakaraimo
Name Miyama Honpo
Benefit 1 free drink for guests ordering a Sakurajima Lava Grill Lunch *Lunchtime only
Hours 10:00-23:00 (Last order 22:00)
Phone 099-253-2228
Type of store Locally-bred chicken dishes
Official Website http://ekimachi1-kagoshima.com/floor/miyama
Name Tsukiage-An
Benefit 5% discount on all items
Hours 8:00-21:00
Phone 099-298-1800
Type of store Satsuma-age (fried fishcake)
Official Website http://ekimachi1-kagoshima.com/floor/tsukiagean
Name Festivalo
Benefit A free piece of Haikara Imo for a purchase of ¥1,500 or more
Hours 8:00-21:00
Phone 099-257-6411
Type of store Western Desserts
Official Website http://ekimachi1-kagoshima.com/floor/festivalo
Name Satsuma Kobo 
Benefit Gift of 1 Kagoshima-Meguri handkerchief with purchases of ¥2,000 or more
Hours 8:00-21:00
Phone 099-298-1600
Type of store Kagoshima folkcrafts
Official Website http://ekimachi1-kagoshima.com/floor/satsumakoubou
Name Chuo Station Fuku-Fuku
Benefit 1 free soft drink with meals
Hours 11:00-22:00
Phone 099-204-0608
Type of store Udon noodles and izakaya pub
Official Website http://ekimachi1-kagoshima.com/floor/fukufuku