JR Kyushu User Benefits

JR Kyushu User Benefits

○JR Kyushu Rail Pass (All, North, South)
○JR Kyushu Rail Pass (Fukuoka Wide)
○Sanyo–San’in Northern Kyushu Pass

Customers who use products above can recive special benefit at shops/facilities if presenting the Pass.
Target product or conditions are different according to shops, please notice.

Expiration Date
March 31,2020


Name Kara-age and Curry Yaki Jigen
Target Product JR Kyushu Rail Pass (All, North, South)
JR Kyushu Rail Pass (Fukuoka Wide)
Sanyo–San’in Northern Kyushu Pass
Introduction Nogata local favorite Curry Yaki. A world-class Japanese curry hot dog with a 50-year tradition.
Benefit JAPANESE CURRY DOG 150 yen → 140 yen
Address 3-2 Furumachi, Nogata, Fukuoka
Hours 11:00-19:00
Holiday Closed Mondays (If Monday is a public holiday, closed Tuesdays)
Phone 0949-24-9558
Directions Approximately5-minute walk from JR Nogata station
Official Website https://ja-jp.facebook.com/nogataziggen/