Encounter the grand natural beauty of Kyushu, and warmth of its people. A journey like no other, only on the “Seven Stars in Kyushu” cruise train!

A cruise just for Japan. Circle Kyushu, and discover the uniquely Japanese pleasures of nature, cuisine,
hot springs and traditional culture. The warmth of friendly people at each stop.
The scents and touches of the four seasons. Experience the pleasures of Kyushu to the fullest on the
“Seven Stars in Kyushu” cruise train!

About Seven Stars in Kyushu


train name


Origin of the 'Seven'

・The seven prefectures of Kyushu
・The seven principal tourist attractions of Kyushu: Nature, Cuisine,
 Hot Springs, History and Culture, Power Spots, Friendliness, Train Travel
・The train made up of seven cars